Mark Niemann-Ross

Mark Niemann-Ross writes and wrangles chickens

Who is Mark Niemann-Ross?

I’m friends with technology. But I’m not blindly in love with it. It has to be questioned. It has to be explained. Sometimes it’s just dead wrong. It needs firm guidance.

People are more important than technology. People don’t want widgets, they want elegance and relevance.

I point to the future, explain the present, and learn from the past.

I write

I grew up in a family that has a drive to write. My mother writes, my sister writes and I’ve always been friends with the printed word.

Mostly, I write science fiction. But I’ve also written about technology in the workplace, jazz in Oregon and dogs in the wild west.

About that science fiction. Sometimes it’s about spaceships, sometimes it’s about products. The goal is the same; explain where we want to be, point out hazards, celebrate arrival.

I’m a full member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA)

I teach

You’ll find my courses on R and Raspberry Pi at LinkedIn Learning. I have a degree in Industrial Education from the University of Wisconsin-Stout.


I’m engaging. Informed. Opinionated. Respectful. I’m an educator, manager, evangelist, marketer, technologist, futurist, coder.

Your thoughts?