The Niemann-Ross Family

I’m a writer, husband, father, coder, musician and chicken rancher. I’m currently employed at as the Content Manager for the Developer Segment.

I Write

I’ve slowly ramped up the quantity -- and hopefully quality -- of my writing. I started with work assignments and then family newsletters. I enjoyed it, and found that other people were entertained. In 2005 I approached Richard Lovett about a co-authored project (NetPuppets) which turned into our first Analog story, and was later included in our anthology “Phantom Sense and other stories.” That story led to others, and then led to launching myself on a solo writing career. I still have plans to co-author more stories with Rick. You can see a video of me reading the start of “A Deadly Intent” from Phantom Sense and Other Stories

Recently, David Brandt and I released an illustrated kids book, “Patches Catches the Sargo County Cattle Rustler.”

I’ve written for Oregon Music News, travel, and maintain a blog and active presence on LinkedIn Pulse. Related to my writing, I manage the SFWA Pacific Northwest Reader’s Series.

Here’s a complete list of my published stories and books: Humanity by Proxy (+backstory) • A Cup of Dirt (+backstory) • The Music Teacher (+backstory) Patches Catches the Sargo County Cattle Rustler (with David Brandt) • Who reads Science Fiction? (data)• I Need A Plastic Thingy (appears on Tangent Online’s 2014 Recommended Reading List) • Canoeing Lake Pend Oreille 

Stories I’ve co-authored with Richard A Lovett: NetPuppets • Dangerous Intent • New Wineskins • Phantom Sense • Phantom Sense and Other Stories

My author background shows up on goodreads, Shelfari,  The Internet Speculative Fiction Database, and my Amazon Author page.

I’m Musical

I work at playing jazz bass. I play duets with Don Barnes. I’m the former bassist for the Mike Curtis Jazz Project. I have also sat in with the Minidoka Swing Band and the Rose City Swing Band. I’m a regular with the Westminster Presbyterian Jazz Quartet. I have coordinated the David Friesen Ensemble Training for several years.

I own a Zeta Crossover travel bass, which are apparently no longer made. It has been to China and Japan! I also own a standard upright, and play it through an ancient Acoustic Image Contra Amplifier.

I Code

Mostly web toys, but I can carry on a competent discussion about almost any computer topic. You can hear me discuss Raspberry Pi, coding and rubber fish. I’ve published a course through called Up and Running with Raspberry Pi. I’ve written about optimizing WordPress.

I Travel

2013: Canoeing Lake Pend Oreille. 2011 and 2010: Canoeing on the Willamette River. 2009: Janell and I kayaked in Cabo San Lucas. 2007: Italy and London with Janell and Friends. 1984: Sixty days canoeing from Yellowknife to the Arctic Circle.

I’m Social

You can find more about me at LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and some photos on Picasaweb, You can find my twitterfeed at marknr. And for the more technically minded, I have a presence at github and stackoverflow.

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The Niemann-Ross Family

Janell is a midwife

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The Niemann-Ross Family

Will is a lawyer

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The Niemann-Ross Family

Aaron Niemann-Ross

1804 SE 33rd Ave. Portland, OR 97214

(503)778-0849 ~

OBJECTIVE: Seeking full time position in woodworking, welding, or construction.



Portland Community College, Portland, OR

        A.A.S. Building Construction Technology                                 2012

Portland Community College, Portland, OR

        One year certificate in Welding                                                2013




Welding Skills

Use acetylene torch




Clerk                Hankins True Value Hardware                Portland, OR                 07/2009-current

Jr Painter        Osprey Construction                        Portland, OR                 09/2008-01/2009

Remodeler        Mark Niemann-Ross                        Portland, OR                 06/2008-09/2008

Owner                Flock in a Box                                 Portland, OR                 06/2007-09/2007

Remodeler        Mark Niemann-Ross                        Portland, OR                 06/2006-09/2006

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